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  • Femdom and Fetish Reviews

  • Mean Clips #femdom clips

    Watch out lovers of BDSM and Femdom-Have seen Mean Clips this is an awesome clip site which is devoted STRICTLLY to BDSM and Femdom…No fluffy clips here! Take a look at the 1st MeanClips Studio  Cruella

    This site has some awesome hardcore BDSM scenes!  Stop by and enjoy some pain! Tons of Femdom, Domination and Humiliation!



  • Caning-the pleasure of pain

    For those who truly enjoy a good dose of pain~both giving and receiving.  This is another form of BDSM, that can be tracked back in time to the accient orient.  It is brutally effective as a training mechanism and serves as a swift and painful punishment.   Caning should be approached with caution if you are a beginner.   It is quite possible to inflict serious and long term damge to the recipient.

    On a side note, and not so happy one~caning is still used in many coutries as a form of punishment, and will quite often inflict lasting physical damage, if not death.

    Remeber all forms of play-Safe Sane and Consensual

    Femdom and Fetish

  • Greedy Snobs for those with better taste!

    Greedy Snobs

    1. How did you get your start in the BDSM world?
    GreedySnobs.com is an exclusive, online country club where dominant women exploit their admirers. We are a unique, invitation only social network site customized with innovative features and an intimate, luxurious design. The site was born in January 2011 and is owned by Greedy Goddess Sue and Miss Pinky Galore is Hostess and Admin.
    2. What is your member base?
    Our admirers include dominant women, male & female submissives, slaves, sugar daddies, sugar babies, and those who simply derive pleasure in worshiping and spoiling the finer sex. We encourage greed in all forms and do not discriminate in regards to how women want to express their urge to exploit men financially. Women desire the finer things in life and men desire Greedy Snobs!

    3. What is your favorite activity and why? We love to promote snobbery and greed!

    4. If you had to pick one activity in the BDSM genre to pursue what would it be?
    We’re too greedy to pick just one, however, we are enjoying one of our latest projects immensely and that’s the Greedy Sissies project. We pimp out sissies, cds, and tvs as phone sex operators with all the profits going directly into our purses!

    5. Tell us a bit about why you made your site:

    Here is a quote from Greedy Goddess Sue’s manifesto about the site “The vision that began GreedySnobs.com was a simple one: a online community of Snobs & their admirers with an aesthetic of finery and refinement. A site that makes use of the best technology available. A place where I would want to spend my time. A space that is beautiful and that celebrates the beauty of Greed and the beauty of Snobbery. A place that is exclusive, but “exclusive” in a way that resonates with me.
    There are several sites that already exist that focus on the things that Snobs love (fashion, art, finance, entertainment, luxury, etc.), sites that focus on financial fetishes, sites that focus on beautiful snobby women and those who admire them, and sites that focus on all sorts of different aspects related to what is now GreedySnobs.com. But there isn’t one single site that focuses on all of it at once. That is my vision.
    And many of these sites are exclusive in various ways. But they aren’t exclusive in a way that resonates with me as ‘right’ – but rather in arbitrary ways. For me the exclusivity of our site is very simple – it isn’t about arbitrarily online-only ideas & ideals of “real,” it isn’t about who is part of a singular clique, it isn’t about anything at all except who meets that indefinable standard of Class. You know a Snob when you see one, even if you can’t define it.”

    6. Tell us a little bit about your site features:
    Aside from the basics (photos, videos, audio, etc), we have a Boutique where Snobs can list their content for sale, a Fashion area where anyone can write about their fave designers, stores, products, etc. Our chat room has video chat features and onsite Instant Messager that also has video capabilities. The Club House has a huge selection of clubs to join and we even have a virtual Gift Shop!

    7. How long do you see yourself continuing on a Professional path?
    Forever! Women have been making men their pets for centuries, we don’t expect it to stop anytime soon 😉

    8. Where can we find you?
    Aside from onsite promotion, we also have an information site here as well as our Greedy Wishlists site here and our very own Greedy Topsite toplist . Admirers can pay per minute to call Greedy Snobs here! Please follow us on twitter! @greedysnobs and @greedywishlists

  • Morning News

    Erotic Nikii is having a special -Spend $30 or more and receive 20% off My @Kinkbomb studio 4 the month of May! Use code HOT4NIKKI20 http://tinyurl.com/44pr55c

    Sarah Blake is busy-Titty Thursday :) http://sarahblakevids.com/boobfetish.html

    and Cuckolding Princess is waiting now for you losers to get her new computer! http://www.ecardgiftcard.com/tigerdirect-egiftcard.html send to cuckoldingprincess@gmail.com

    Happy Femdom and Fetish to all!

  • Welcome Milk and Busted



    A true femdom and fetish Clips4sale Studio!  And the pretty girls are brutal~you cant ask for much more!   The collaborate often with BrattyFootGirls  So make sure check out the hot femdom and fetish on both!

    And keep an eye out, I will be posting more little clips from all of the FetishCon Fun!


  • #Fetish Friday

    The weekend is upon us, and here in the states, it is a holiday~so I hope every one finds some extra time to get your kinks out :)

    multi fetish glasses hose foot bare feet

    I have mentioned before, the multi-fetish.  There are so many different combinations that it is impossible to even try to make a list!   Each person is unique in what they like.  Foot Fetish is a great example-what is one mans treasure, might be anothers nightmare~long toenails-short toenails, polished-unpolished, big or small, clean or dirty.  Thats what makes the fetish world so grand-its for everyone!  Make sure you look around at all the great femdoms and fetishist here-theres something for everyone!   The best feet in the world are right here!

    Have a great weekend


    Get your kinks out

    Femdom Fetish