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  • How many do you have

    I love the fact that fetish is becoming more mainstream, and more acceptable. For far to long, people have been forced to keep their desires a secret! Well the secrets are out! I have spoken to so many, that as youths, were ashamed of what turned them on and never spoke of it-in some ways, it is the same as the gay population has suffered~coming out of the closet. I hope in my lifetime, we can all become more tolerant of others.

    So no matter what your fetish, or how many you have~you’re not alone!

    Femdom Fetish

  • Welcome Sarah Diavola





    All Femdommes is so very proud to Welcome the incredible Sarah Diavola!  You might know her as Brat Princess Sarah, but you will NEVER forget the fabulous Findomme SARAH DIAVOLA.  If you have never felt how good it feels to have your wallet raped, your mind controlled, and your soul possessed by a beautiful women-Dont miss your chance!

  • Interview with a Tickling Guy!

    1. First off, tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I’m a guy in my 30s, born and raised in Philadelphia, college graduate, and still have a day job! I do bondage, foot and tickling fetish photography and video on the side as a hobby and to make a few extra bucks. I’m also a guitar player (23 years now), music and art enthusiast, kung fu movie buff, and overall nerd! I like German cars, Italian food and wine, and good old American capitalism. And, of course, I’m a shameless bondage, foot and tickle fetishist! I’m into the photography side just as much, if not more than the video side of fetish production, but I enjoy both :)

    2.How did you get your start as a professional tickler?

    I’ve had a tickle fetish longer than I can remember – I’ve purchased tickle clips and belonged to member sites for years, and have always been interested in the scene. I started attending local foot parties to indulge my fetish a bit and, through those parties, met a number of models and producers in the business. I started talking to them about it a bunch, and figured I’d give it a try – might as well make a little money doing what I love! I attended FetishCon 2011 to start my work, filmed a ton, took a ton of photographs, and discovered I do like the production side of things a lot!

    3. How old were you when you first discovered you were an evil tickler?

    I’ve been a bondage, tickle and foot fetishist for longer than I’ve known what the word fetish MEANS. All through school I would find ways to give foot rubs, tickle, etc., and, like many enthusiasts out there who came into their own before the Internet age, I didn’t realize that a whole community of folks with the same interests existed. So, I guess if you want a specific age when I “discovered” it, I’d say as soon as I discovered the birds and the bees in general, which was sometime in my early teen years, I put two and two together.

    4. Has your fetish ever gotten you trouble?

    My fetish has gotten me into some relationship trouble, but not trouble otherwise. There’s always a risk when you meet someone that you have incompatibility issues – fetish is just one way incompatibility manifests. I learned early on that the best thing to do is make your fetish known in a relationship – if it’s going to be a deal-breaker, find out sooner than later, or it could really cause issues in an otherwise “normal” relationship.

    5. What is your favorite tickling memory?

    My favorite tickling memory was my first tickle with another tickle fetish fan – she and I met on the old tickling IRC channel and the original (pre-TMF) forums, met in real life, and I had a ball. It was SO liberating to be with someone else who shared the same interests…so the feeling of that first time was pretty overwhelming.

    6. Who has been your favorite ticklee so far, and why?

    I have SO many favorite ticklees – I love them all for different reasons. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m not going to drop names and choose favorites ;)

    7. What is your favorite place to tickle?

    My favorite place to tickle is literally different for every girl I’m with in a scene. I obviously have a foot fetish, so feet are fun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an across-the-board favorite. I have been with girls who prefer being tickled on their ribs, armpits, neck – it’s all about what gets you the best reaction. That aside, I love what I call “cute” spots, like the pads of the big toes, palms of the hands, tops of the feet – little spots that you’d never think to otherwise tickle someone.

    8. Have you ever run across someone who was simply not ticklish?

    Yes, plenty of times. Some girls have become desensitized – that happens usually with folks who have built up very strong defense mechanisms in their bodies, which can happen for any number of reasons. The most frequent “non-ticklish” scenario I’ve encountered are girls who got the living hell tickled out of them as youngsters, and subsequently built up an “immunity” to it.

    9. Who is the most ticklish person you have tickled?  hehe that is, if you can reveal that, and how much torture did you put them thru?

    Can’t go there – wouldn’t be fair to the other folks I’ve worked with ;)

    10.  At what point do you stop your torture?  How do you know when to stop?

    Knowing when to stop is a combination of just having enough sensitivity to the person’s reactions (sometimes you can just tell they’ve had enough, and just get a feel for when to stop)…and, if you’re not that good at reading the person’s reactions, safe words always help. I never tickle through safe words on a shoot – it’s unprofessional and inconsiderate.

    11.  And finally where might your tickle fans find you?

    Tickle fans can find me ALL OVER the place! They can find me on Twitter via @TickleCuties, email me via TickleCuties@gmail.com, see my material on http://www.ticklecuties.com, add us on FetLife via https://fetlife.com/users/1056178, or follow us on Facebook viahttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Tickle-Cuties/265714180120706. I also am on TMF, even in the chatroom, interacting with other tickle enthusiasts.

  • What could be more fun on a Saturday?

    joi, male slave

    I cant think of anything more fun than hanging out with a girlfriend and face sitting a slave, controling his cock!  A huge fetish-face sitting and smothering!  It is as close to a beautiful womens pussy as most of these loser slaves will ever get!  It is a very powerful position, allowing for total submission and cock control!

    You can see the full gallery here

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Femdom and Fetish

  • Happy Birthday Goddess Venus

    All Femdoms, All Fetish would like to wish a very happy Birthday! Her Birthday is tomorrow so you have plenty of time to show your love!
    Every one stop by here store, or send her, her gifts thru Amazon, and make sure this beautiful Goddess has a very happy Birthday!

  • Loons-So much fun!

    Another fetish here, that almost always puts a smile on face! Balloons and inflatables! Another fetish that gets no mainstream attention, but it is huge! Think what the new headlines would have been if Rex Ryan had been caught having a loon fetish, and not a foot fetish! I would have loved to have seen those pictures!

    For some it riding the balloon, for others it is the popping sound, or maybe both! Some like to ride and pop themselves, other like to see pretty girls! Haha either way it can be a popping good time!

    A variation on the balloon fetish is inflatables-all the same fun, but on a much larger scale!

    balloons, inflatables,fetish

    Many people find this a funny and strange fetish, but remember~you best friend probably has a fetish he wont admit!  Haha it might even be you!  Let your fetish shine!

    Everyone have a great Monday

    Femdom Fetish

  • Hey #foot Freaks!

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