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  • #footfetish Friday is coming!

    With a little thanks going to Rex Ryan, foot fetish is probably the most well known, and common fetishes out there.  Whether its sexy painted toes, soft soles, the stinky smell~foot fetish is where it is at these days.  There are some of the hottest foot babes in the world on this site, so make sure you check out all of the pages, and find your solemate!  If you want foot domintion, humilation, or just pretty  feet to become obsessed with and worship~the very best are all here!

    Have a Fabulous Fetish Friday


    Femdom and Fetish

  • Exotica 2011 MIA #fetish #footFetish

    Was apparently a whole lot of fun for some of the Fetish Fans out There!  The beautiful Goddess Venus and her faithful foot man had a blast-here is a little bit from Goddess Venus!  and make sure to stop by her stores and shop shop shop!

    Exxxotica Miami was lots of fun!! I got to hangout with the beautiful RubberDoll, had long conversations with Jesse Jane and Sarah Vandella, took lots of pics with many Porn Stars specially the sexy Phoenix Marie who licked my tits and also took lots of pics with other Porn Stars Feet like the sweet Alexis Ford and Lexi Belle. Plus i had a blast watching the crazy and kinky Kristina Rose walk and jump all over my slave!! Over all, between all the naked strippers walking around and all the sexy Porn Stars i had the time of my life…. Thank you Exxxotica. Goddess Venus xoxo

    I might add-Im quite jealous you hung out with RubberDoll-she was one of my favorite fetishist there!  Glad you had a great time!

  • Fetish News

    Hello fetish friends, it has come to our attention that a member of the fetish community was in a terrible car accident, along with all the well will wishes Ms Whitney Morgan would deeply appreciate you running to her Clips4Sale stores, and her personal site and feed your fetish !

    Here are her links:  Clips4Sale – Your Every Fetish  Clips4Sale – DommeNation   Clips4Sale – Bound and Blonde  Clips4Sale – Better In Pairs Foot Fetish  no matter what your fetish, help yourself and help a fellow fetishist out!

    In other Fetish news, make sure you check out these new fetish stores run independently by your favorite fetishist!  They make more money when you buy direct from!  Same clips, same great content-but download anytime you want!!!

    Check them out on the Hot Clips tab above or visit directly!


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  • #Fetish Friday

    The weekend is upon us, and here in the states, it is a holiday~so I hope every one finds some extra time to get your kinks out :)

    multi fetish glasses hose foot bare feet

    I have mentioned before, the multi-fetish.  There are so many different combinations that it is impossible to even try to make a list!   Each person is unique in what they like.  Foot Fetish is a great example-what is one mans treasure, might be anothers nightmare~long toenails-short toenails, polished-unpolished, big or small, clean or dirty.  Thats what makes the fetish world so grand-its for everyone!  Make sure you look around at all the great femdoms and fetishist here-theres something for everyone!   The best feet in the world are right here!

    Have a great weekend


    Get your kinks out

    Femdom Fetish

  • #fetish Friday the 13th

    For those of you who are a bit Superstitious-becareful today, who knows what might happen!  For the rest of us, it looks like a fantastic #fetish Friday!

    Im sure there will be tons of new updates in clipstore today, so make sure you check!  Erotic Nikki, Miss Taylor, Crudelis Amator, and Bratty Foot Girls to name a few!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  and remember…


    Femdom and Fetish

  • Pets and Slaves

    There are so many benefits to being a Mistress, one is having pets and slaves. All things they do to make your life easier. And the things you get to do to them. The pain, the torture, the public humiliation. Many it seems, think that having a slave is an easy job, when in fact the work is probably harder than that of the slave. Training is a continual process, but the rewards for both are a great~many in the world outside of the fetish community seem to view this as some form of abuse, when in fact, these relationships are truly caring. The slave has a burning to serve and please, and the Mistress is able to explore her true dominance.
    slave, mistress, public humilation

    This is an old pic, and I dont not know its original source, If you know, let me know!

    Have a fantastic day!

    Femdom Fetish

  • @EroticNikki -The interview

    1. You have been active in the fetish scene for some time, how did you get start?

    Well, I opened My first site in 2001 eroticikki.com In 2002 I was introduced to Steve of Footnight.com We met thru some mutual friends andI knew he had a foot fetish. He suggested to Me that I should attend his 1st Footnight event in Vegas so I did. I had no idea that so many guys (and girls)  were into feet. lol I had a so much fun that evening. Never knew how good it felt to have My feet worshiped! After that night I beganbuilding My website http://www.angelkissedfeet.com/ and attended every FootNight event that I could! Las Vegas, L.A., San Diego, and Hollywood! Once Imoved to Texas I attended Dallas and Austin My first year here.

    2. It must be fun having your husband be your partner in “crime”  Do you
    both share the same favorite fetish?
    Hum…same favorite fetish? Gosh, we both are into different things! But We do have the same fetish for Women with big tits and long, shapelylegs! lol We like exactly the same thing there! (And yes, I love a sexy pair of legs and a sexy pair of feet!) Our fetish for feet is not the same. He only likes Mine! lol


    3. I’ve heard that you have a full time sissy?  Tell us a bit about her, and what is the most humiliating thing you have had her do
    for you?
    Oh yes…My sissy slave krissy! krissy has served Me for over 4.5 yrs. she spoils the crap out of Me and is pretty well trained to do as I

    expect! I keep her in chastity and she wears a plug 24/7! This is to remind her of who her owner is! Everytime she sits and it tickles her

    fuckhole she is reminded of Me! I’ve sent her to Vegas with special

    instructions of purchasing My strapons and other toys at the local adult stores. I’ve made her wear special panties under her clothes so that when

    she bends over everyone can see them. this list could go on and on of the things I make her do for Me. I also pimp her out with her videos. she

    makes Me special videos for My amusement. In return I opened a clipstore for everyone to see and I make the money from it. lol her studio is

    http://www.clips4sale.com/7812 Soon she will have her very own blog!


    4. You have become famous for your feet, smoking and blowjobs.  Do you have plans to add more fetishes?  If so, would you care to give us
    a hint as to what we might be seeing from you?

    Well thanks!! And I do have plans for more fetishes but you will just have to see what I come up with! *wink*


    5. Any special or memorable moments that you would share with us?


    Oh gosh, I have so many!  I have met and filmed with some great ppl in this business but some of the ones

    that really stand out is My funtimes with Steve of FootNight, shoots with Raven Black, and one other girl who isn’t in the business anymore. I

    really love the FootNight parties and miss them dearly. Those nights were some of My most memorable nights to date!  I had a great time at each and

    every one of them!
    6. If you could only have one fetish in your life, what would you choose?


    That’s a hard decision because I really love all of My fetishes!  There isn’t anything I love more than the other! But if I had to choose I would

    go for Foot Fetish! To Me if a woman takes care of her feet then she almost always takes care of the rest of herself! If I see a woman with

    nasty feet then rest of her probably is too!


    7. You have just opened your very own clip store http://www.eroticnikkivideos.com/ , what has been your favorite thing about that?
    Yes I did! I love that I can sell My own clips, some even cheaper since My fees are lower plus My customers are on no time restrictions of whenthey can download. They can even download the files as often as they want to!


    8. What would you like your fans to know about you?

    I’m a real person! I work hard at producing content that My fans love to see. I love My job and My life that this business has given Me. I never get tired of reading those complimentary emails and tweets so keep em coming!!


    9. Tell us about your different sites, and what people can expect to find on them.

    Let’s see…My first site I opened in 2001 is http://www.EroticNikki.com This sites content is related to the smoking,

    pantyhose fetish with some really hot roleplaying blowjobs as well. http://www.angelkissedfeet.com is of course My foot fetish site. It has

    been online since 2002 and then I have http://www.myhotass.com which is My humiliation video site. I also have a studio on Clips4sale

    http://www.clips4sale.com/3381 which I started in 2006. I hv just recently combined all of My clipstores into one! Now you can purchase all

    of My clips in one place with lots of wanking material! My studio has many categories to choose from and I’m adding more! In addition to all of

    these I also have a Free blog site http://www.GoddessNikki.com and of course My newest addition http://www.eroticnikkivideos.com

    Thank you!

    Keep rockin the fetish world!

    Thank you for the interview!  I really

    enjoyed doing it!:)

    A big thanks to the hottest milf on the net!  And remember to follow her on twitter @EroticNikki