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  • Femdom and Fetish Reviews

  • Have you losers checked out Humiliation POV

    Humiliation POV

    Has to be the ultimate brat girl humiliation site on the web.  Just look at this weeks updates Goddess Kyaa, Princess Lynne, Mina Thorne have graced the pages this week.  Thats right-all on one site, for one monthly fee…You will not be left with one bit of your manhood after Joining Humiliation POV    Enter you dream loser!  Foot worship, humilitation, SPH, cuckolding, financial domination and more!


    humiliation pov,goddess kyaa,mina thorne,princess lynne

  • The #fetish and #Femdom news

    spanking fetishDoesnt everyone enjoy a good Spanking?

    It was a busy weekend in fetish land!    I believe all of the clip stores had hot updates-make sure to check them!

    Top 2 pages belong to 2 of my favorites, Goddess Venus and Whitney Morgan!  See why these ladies are so HOT!

    DomCon LA seemd to be a great time for all the Mistressses and their slaves.  And from the Twitter news Ive read, @MissTierra is ready to launch her latest endeavor snobstudios.com .

    Im hoping to be announcing a new feature in the next coming days that should be fun for all!  Stay tuned!

    A fabulous day to all

    Femdom Fetish

  • Hot Mandy Flores-Dirty bitch

    and she love for your to eat her shit. This girl loves to put you under her hot ass, and show you exactly what she thinks by shitting all over you. You knew she was a dominating bitch, but you never knew what a dirty bitch she was did you?

    Check out her store, and watch Mandy Flores shit flow freely into your waiting mouth, Im sure she will thank you by letting you know what a little shit stain you are. Dont miss any of her hot shitting/scat clips. Rumor has it, she will shit just for you if you pay her enough. So you little shit loving boys, get over to Mandy Flores store and gobble up some of her wet, warm, and juicy shit/scat right now!

    Mandy Flores Scat Clips


    Just look at the giant size poop this pretty young girl will serve right up for you on a plate!

    farting scat shit shitting  mandyflores  mandy flores clips4sale

  • SydneyScreams-The BBW Fetish Queen

    1. How did you get your start in the BDSM world? I started off as a photographer and had several friends ask if they could photograph me, eventually I agreed. At first I was really shy and didn’t understand a lot of it, but the more time that goes by, the more I understand it and the more I understand it, the more I love it. I can’t imagine going back to a strictly vanilla lifestyle anymore.
    2. Would you rather play with boys or girls? Can I say both? Both, but for different reasons. I love dominating men. I find that it releases a lot of stress and I’m amused how even the most masculine of men will fall to their knees when serving me. Women on the other hand…oh boy. I enjoy dominating women, but not nearly as much. I enjoy women in a much more sexual way than in a d/s way. I would however, love to have my own sissy girl to clean house for me and act as a server when I have friends over for dinner.
    3. What is your favorite activity and why? I have two (at least in the fetish lifestyle)! Spanking and foot worship!! I absolutely love spanking, whether it’s flogging, whipping, barehanded or using a much more domestic discipline took such as a spatula or hairbrush. I would really love to get some vampire gloves to use for spanking one of these days… Foot worship, on the other hand, is much different. It’s less about dominating and more about the sensual pleasure of the act. I love worshipping feet just as much as I love having mine worshipped. Non-fetish wise, I love reading, photography, cooking and movies!
     4. Your clip stores are fantastic!  How did you get involved in filming? I started a while back. FootsieTootsies.com and I met at a photography shoot-out I was hosting, and he took pictures of my feet, which at the time I thought was silly but fun. About a year later, I was hired to do a couple hours of trampling by a local producer. I loved using his stomach as a trampoline and stepping on his face with my high heels. I’ve never met anyone since him who could take a trample like that! Anyhow, he told me how much fun he had doing it and how easy it was…it took me about a year and a half later to open my first store, and I haven’t looked back since!
    5. Are planning on adding more clips4sale stores? I’d really like to open a store that is less “me me me” and more on the producing side. I have a secret plan that I think is brilliant and combines two of my favorite things (one from my “vanilla” life and one from my fetish life), but it’s a really ambitious plan that is going to involve a lot of planning, money and better equipment than what I have right now.
    6. If you had to pick one activity in the BDSM genre to pursue what would it be? I would love to do more beat-downs. Beating up poor schmucks for shits and giggles makes me giddy just thinking about it!! Plus it’s great exercise and despite my BBW figure, I love to work out. If I could get some guy to replace my punching bag, I’d totally do it.
    7. Tell us a bit about each of your stores, Where all can we find them. Currently I run 5! I have a mouth, lipstick, & tongue fetish store, which can be found at http://www.clips4sale.com/30891. My second store is my domination store, which has ballbusting, femdom pov, spanking and humiliation and can be found at http://www.clips4sale.com/31090. My third store is my foot fetish store, which features tickling, foot worship, trampling, foot comparisons, pov, and pedal pumping! My foot store can be found at http://www.clips4sale.com/34374. I also run a store based around belly fetish and farting. I’m not 100% sure why the two seem to go together, but they do. Perhaps it’s the gassy aspect of it? Anyhow, that can be found at http://www.clips4sale.com/46286. My last store, which sadly doesn’t get updated as often as I’d like, is what I call my “sick fetish” store–it’s based around coughing, sneezing, nose blowing and snot! http://www.clips4sale.com/46456

    Thank you so much for taking the time to let us get to know better!  We love those, who love fetish!

    And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter!  @SydneyScreams4u

  • Sunday #fetish Funny

    Anime is a huge fetish-but again one that doesn’t get a lot of airtime.  Possibly because it usually shows women in a submissive roll~and we here will have none of that here at all Femdom, all Fetish.   

    I have seen some very erotic anime, and well done-The tradition style is usual oriental-but in recent years has begun to include mainstream western characters.

    I saw this and thought all of the loser slave boys would appreciate the fact that even a cartoon character can dominate them-some men are so week and pathetic.

    anime, fetish, female domination

  • #footfetish and #ballbusting! Pretty girls!

    Well to start with, he has a huge foot fetish! And what pretty girl doesnt love to torment a fool! To shove Their dirty stiinky feet right in slave Andys face~to humilate the foot slave!
    See the Fabulous Miss Varla do just thatdirty feet of Miss Varla

    Or if you are into the brutality of a good ballbusting-Slave Andy is your go to guy!  All of top Dommes and fetishist have had a shot at him!   And many of them are right here on All Femdom, All Fetish!  Look around and see where you find the little loser!

    Andy has just had the opportunity to experience the harsh kicks of Ebony Geisha!  These are some of the best kicks Ive seen in a long time!  Stop by Slave Andys store and get his clips!beautiful ebony ballbusting and domination

    His resume includes such names as Meggerz,  Whitney Morgan, Miss Sexy Flex, Dre Haze, Dia Zerva-do you see what I mean?

  • #Fetish Friday

    The weekend is upon us, and here in the states, it is a holiday~so I hope every one finds some extra time to get your kinks out :)

    multi fetish glasses hose foot bare feet

    I have mentioned before, the multi-fetish.  There are so many different combinations that it is impossible to even try to make a list!   Each person is unique in what they like.  Foot Fetish is a great example-what is one mans treasure, might be anothers nightmare~long toenails-short toenails, polished-unpolished, big or small, clean or dirty.  Thats what makes the fetish world so grand-its for everyone!  Make sure you look around at all the great femdoms and fetishist here-theres something for everyone!   The best feet in the world are right here!

    Have a great weekend


    Get your kinks out

    Femdom Fetish

  • Caning-the pleasure of pain

    For those who truly enjoy a good dose of pain~both giving and receiving.  This is another form of BDSM, that can be tracked back in time to the accient orient.  It is brutally effective as a training mechanism and serves as a swift and painful punishment.   Caning should be approached with caution if you are a beginner.   It is quite possible to inflict serious and long term damge to the recipient.

    On a side note, and not so happy one~caning is still used in many coutries as a form of punishment, and will quite often inflict lasting physical damage, if not death.

    Remeber all forms of play-Safe Sane and Consensual

    Femdom and Fetish

  • Wax Play~BDSM

    Candles can not only be romantic, but can add great fun to BDSM play.  Wax play can range from very erotic, to extremely painful.  This is another fetish that requires caution.  Waxes melt at different tempetures, some so high that they can cause 1st and 2nd degree burns.  And any time you play with fire, you want to be prepared.  Typical household candles usually are safe for play-always test on a less sensitive area of skin before preceding to the goodies!

    Play sane, and play safe

    Femdom and Fetish

  • @KinkBomb Welcome

    We at All Femdom All Fetish want to give a HUGE welcome to Kinkbomb! One of the newest and fastest growing sites for kinksters! Starting this off KinkBomb is featuring these hot, kinky girls to get you started~

    The 1st is the ever beautiful Sarah Blake, aka The Little Mistress! Sarah can take care of all your kinkiest needs!the little mistress

    Next is Jolie LaCroix-if you are in need of being put in your place~dominated, humilated.  Then you have just found your perfect Mistress!  As cruel as she is beautiful-Jolie is a must!hot mistress fetish

    And we have Mistress Deeane-Dominatrix~Humilatrix~Slave trainer!  She will have you boys doing tricks in no time! 

     slave trainer

     Make sure to check out these hot ladies!  and dont forget the other Kinkbomb stores we have~Erotic Nikki, Goddess Venus~they are all right here!