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  • Have you losers checked out Humiliation POV

    Humiliation POV

    Has to be the ultimate brat girl humiliation site on the web.  Just look at this weeks updates Goddess Kyaa, Princess Lynne, Mina Thorne have graced the pages this week.  Thats right-all on one site, for one monthly fee…You will not be left with one bit of your manhood after Joining Humiliation POV    Enter you dream loser!  Foot worship, humilitation, SPH, cuckolding, financial domination and more!


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  • Fetish Ave.

    Everyone please stop by and take a look at the best free online foot fetish magazine on net!  Fetish Ave.

    You will several of the beautiful who grace this site, showing off their pretty stompers!  And do you know who is on the cover?  See if you can find her here, after you’ve read her fantastic interview!

    miss taylor foot fetish

  • Soles of Silk

    1. How did you get your start in the foot fetish world?

    I, personally, have had a fetish since I was in high school. I always included female feet in much of my artwork and when I went to an art college, I learned how to build web sites. Early on I had a small free site where I showcased my artistic foot-themed photography and artwork. As it progressed, I began taking more casual photos and the site grew over the years. Six years ago I streamlined everything and opened a membership site, calling it Soles of Silk, and I’m still going strong.

    2. Who are the girls on your site?

    Most of the girls on the site are personal friends – they’re girls I know from work, girls I went to school with, and so on. Some of the girls are friends and even relatives of those girls. And the remainder are girls who do modeling as a job. I like the mix of having the girl next door along with the model types.

    3. What is your favorite foot fetish activity and why?

    Personally, I love smelling a moist pair of female feet – fresh out of tennis shoes, with or without socks. Nothing gets me more excited as far as my fetish is concerned. I don’t, however, appear on my site. I keep it about the girls and keep it non-adult. So if there is any sweaty foot sniffing going on, it is one girl smelling the other’s or her own.

    4. Other than your foot fetish, do you have any other kinks?

    I really enjoy FemDom and some of its various aspects. I say some because while I love some things, others I do not. Tease & denial resulting in some serious blue balls is quite fun. Add in some size teasing to go along with it and wow! I’ve had a few Dommes make me confess my love for them while they bust my balls. I know that’s not for everyone, but it feels so good having them smashed up. I also love orally pleasing a woman – her asshole included. And lastly, I absolutely love interracial – mainly white women with black men – and cuckolding. It’s really fun to be made to watch and “maybe” get something other than licking her clean. These kinks are sometimes hinted at in some of my site’s sets, mainly size teasing and some fun sets with girls who prefer a darker skinned fella.

    5. What got you interested in photography/video?

    I’ve been into art since I was born. In high school I took every art class I could get my hands on. When I discovered photography and even graphic/web design, I never looked back. Those, other than female feet, are my passion.

    6. What sub-genres of foot fetishism do you include on your site?

    As I said above, I keep it non-adult. You’re not going to see footjobs and such on the site. I like to keep this about the beauty of the female foot with hints of eroticism. With that being said, some of the sub-genres, which there are many, include: bare feet, flip flops, socks, stockings, tickling, food crushing, dirty feet, heels/sandals, and more. I try to appeal to everything, but know there are so many varied appeals where foot fetishism is concerned.

    7. Other than www.solesofsilk.com, where else can we follow Soles of Silk?

    You can follow the site via Twitter at @SolesofSilk and on the site’s official forum

  • #footfetish Friday is coming!

    With a little thanks going to Rex Ryan, foot fetish is probably the most well known, and common fetishes out there.  Whether its sexy painted toes, soft soles, the stinky smell~foot fetish is where it is at these days.  There are some of the hottest foot babes in the world on this site, so make sure you check out all of the pages, and find your solemate!  If you want foot domintion, humilation, or just pretty  feet to become obsessed with and worship~the very best are all here!

    Have a Fabulous Fetish Friday


    Femdom and Fetish

  • TGIF its Friday

    So ladies, why dont you spice up your weekend, and cuckold you boyfriend or husband?

    You might be suprised just how turned he gets thinking of watching you fuck another man while he is left high and dry!  Make him prove his worth to you, and treat you like the Goddess you are.  Perhaps dinner, teasing him, making him want you-and let him know its still not enough!   A milder form of cuckolding, yes-but we all have to start somewhere :)

    strapon cuckold

    if you are a bit more adventurous, make a trip to the local sex shop and find some new toys!  You never know what sort of fetish fun you might find your self in!

    femdom, fetish, cuckold, loser

    Wiki has a great article on the history of cuckolds-Here if you are not familiar with the term, its a great read!

    I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

  • So much Fetish and Femdom, and so little time!

    Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to feed your need for femdom and fetish?  Remember thats why were are here!  Every fetish under the sun is here!  Dont miss out on a single page!  Femdom includes DarlingRikki, Erotic Nikki, Goddess Midnight, Veronica Deville and many many more!

    What fetish are you look for?  Bondage-Make sure you check out all of JwTies pages!  Its all here!

  • Hot Mandy Flores-Dirty bitch

    and she love for your to eat her shit. This girl loves to put you under her hot ass, and show you exactly what she thinks by shitting all over you. You knew she was a dominating bitch, but you never knew what a dirty bitch she was did you?

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    Mandy Flores Scat Clips


    Just look at the giant size poop this pretty young girl will serve right up for you on a plate!

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