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  • Wax Play~BDSM

    Candles can not only be romantic, but can add great fun to BDSM play.  Wax play can range from very erotic, to extremely painful.  This is another fetish that requires caution.  Waxes melt at different tempetures, some so high that they can cause 1st and 2nd degree burns.  And any time you play with fire, you want to be prepared.  Typical household candles usually are safe for play-always test on a less sensitive area of skin before preceding to the goodies!

    Play sane, and play safe

    Femdom and Fetish

  • The best damn Fetish/femdom Site!

    Just wanted to remind everyone that this is the place to find the BEST fetish and femdom on the WEB!

    We feature all of Kinkbomb! Just click the banner in the upper right to visit their site directly, or take a peek above at the pages here and find some fucking hot girls!

    And dont forget all of the fabulous clip4sale people with names like Shauna Ryanne, Whitney Morgan, the newly added Sydney Screams, Goddess Venus, Erotic Nikki, Goddess XTC, Miss Taylor, Bratty Foot Girls….you can not go wrong here!

    This summer is turning out to be the BEST summer for fetish ever! And you can find it all right here!

    Make sure you visit ALL of pages and say hi!

  • Interview with a Tickling Guy!

    1. First off, tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I’m a guy in my 30s, born and raised in Philadelphia, college graduate, and still have a day job! I do bondage, foot and tickling fetish photography and video on the side as a hobby and to make a few extra bucks. I’m also a guitar player (23 years now), music and art enthusiast, kung fu movie buff, and overall nerd! I like German cars, Italian food and wine, and good old American capitalism. And, of course, I’m a shameless bondage, foot and tickle fetishist! I’m into the photography side just as much, if not more than the video side of fetish production, but I enjoy both :)

    2.How did you get your start as a professional tickler?

    I’ve had a tickle fetish longer than I can remember – I’ve purchased tickle clips and belonged to member sites for years, and have always been interested in the scene. I started attending local foot parties to indulge my fetish a bit and, through those parties, met a number of models and producers in the business. I started talking to them about it a bunch, and figured I’d give it a try – might as well make a little money doing what I love! I attended FetishCon 2011 to start my work, filmed a ton, took a ton of photographs, and discovered I do like the production side of things a lot!

    3. How old were you when you first discovered you were an evil tickler?

    I’ve been a bondage, tickle and foot fetishist for longer than I’ve known what the word fetish MEANS. All through school I would find ways to give foot rubs, tickle, etc., and, like many enthusiasts out there who came into their own before the Internet age, I didn’t realize that a whole community of folks with the same interests existed. So, I guess if you want a specific age when I “discovered” it, I’d say as soon as I discovered the birds and the bees in general, which was sometime in my early teen years, I put two and two together.

    4. Has your fetish ever gotten you trouble?

    My fetish has gotten me into some relationship trouble, but not trouble otherwise. There’s always a risk when you meet someone that you have incompatibility issues – fetish is just one way incompatibility manifests. I learned early on that the best thing to do is make your fetish known in a relationship – if it’s going to be a deal-breaker, find out sooner than later, or it could really cause issues in an otherwise “normal” relationship.

    5. What is your favorite tickling memory?

    My favorite tickling memory was my first tickle with another tickle fetish fan – she and I met on the old tickling IRC channel and the original (pre-TMF) forums, met in real life, and I had a ball. It was SO liberating to be with someone else who shared the same interests…so the feeling of that first time was pretty overwhelming.

    6. Who has been your favorite ticklee so far, and why?

    I have SO many favorite ticklees – I love them all for different reasons. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m not going to drop names and choose favorites 😉

    7. What is your favorite place to tickle?

    My favorite place to tickle is literally different for every girl I’m with in a scene. I obviously have a foot fetish, so feet are fun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an across-the-board favorite. I have been with girls who prefer being tickled on their ribs, armpits, neck – it’s all about what gets you the best reaction. That aside, I love what I call “cute” spots, like the pads of the big toes, palms of the hands, tops of the feet – little spots that you’d never think to otherwise tickle someone.

    8. Have you ever run across someone who was simply not ticklish?

    Yes, plenty of times. Some girls have become desensitized – that happens usually with folks who have built up very strong defense mechanisms in their bodies, which can happen for any number of reasons. The most frequent “non-ticklish” scenario I’ve encountered are girls who got the living hell tickled out of them as youngsters, and subsequently built up an “immunity” to it.

    9. Who is the most ticklish person you have tickled?  hehe that is, if you can reveal that, and how much torture did you put them thru?

    Can’t go there – wouldn’t be fair to the other folks I’ve worked with 😉

    10.  At what point do you stop your torture?  How do you know when to stop?

    Knowing when to stop is a combination of just having enough sensitivity to the person’s reactions (sometimes you can just tell they’ve had enough, and just get a feel for when to stop)…and, if you’re not that good at reading the person’s reactions, safe words always help. I never tickle through safe words on a shoot – it’s unprofessional and inconsiderate.

    11.  And finally where might your tickle fans find you?

    Tickle fans can find me ALL OVER the place! They can find me on Twitter via @TickleCuties, email me via TickleCuties@gmail.com, see my material on http://www.ticklecuties.com, add us on FetLife via https://fetlife.com/users/1056178, or follow us on Facebook viahttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Tickle-Cuties/265714180120706. I also am on TMF, even in the chatroom, interacting with other tickle enthusiasts.

  • #fetish Friday the 13th

    For those of you who are a bit Superstitious-becareful today, who knows what might happen!  For the rest of us, it looks like a fantastic #fetish Friday!

    Im sure there will be tons of new updates in clipstore today, so make sure you check!  Erotic Nikki, Miss Taylor, Crudelis Amator, and Bratty Foot Girls to name a few!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  and remember…


    Femdom and Fetish

  • The new tickler in town!

    I told you there was a new tickler in town-and he is tickling all of the pretty girls!  or should I say he has them tickling each other!  Here we have the beautiful  Shauna Ryanne and the adorable Miss Kayla.    This studio is going to bring you giggling girls for a long time!  If you are into tickle, this is a must see!  Tickle Cuties

  • Yes, its a fetish!



    A fetish most will not publicly announce they have!  I guess someone famous with a fart fetish like Rex Ryan and his foot fetish :) Most will cringe at this fetish, and say they would prefer to be kicked in the balls-it is a huge fetish.

    It has many “sub” fetishes toilet sounds, consumption, and often a secret word for scat.  It is often used in female domination sessions-either as a reward, or punishment~depending on the subbie.

    Hey~its just a fetish

    You know you want and need the smell, the taste, well guess what you shit stains, here is the place to get it! The hottest, nastiest toilet slavery, scat and shit available!

    Femdom and fetish

  • @FootNight Las Vegas

    Well its Friday, and it has been another fetish filled Week! Again, everyone make sure to check out www.KinkBomb.com for the hottest femdoms out. Quite a few of the beautiful girls out there can only be found there!

    June is rockin for the foot fetishist! FootNight Las Vegas is rapidly approaching, Thurs. June 30th! The beautiful Shaunna Ryanne-Miss FootNight 2011, will be there, as well as the lovely Miss Taylor, along with a list of other spectacular feet! Dont miss it, if you’re going to be in Vegas!

    Also this Saturday in Philly, FeetofPhilly is having a little foot party-its looking to be one of the hottest foot parties, with the partys theme being lingerie-its sure to be a naught good time!

    Wishing everyone, a fetish filled weekend-

    Femdom Fetish

  • Trampling and BallBusting

    Bratty Foot Girls were busy busy at FetishCon Making a special guest appearance!  He makes an appearance in Crudelis Amators store

    Dont you dare miss this fantastic clip of Jason getting trampled, and his dick crushed like a cigarette!  Jean Bardot is spectacular.  Beautiful and Brutal!


    Also just added in Clips4Sale store, is this brutal ballbusting by Mistress Katya

    ballbusting cbt

  • Morning News

    Erotic Nikii is having a special -Spend $30 or more and receive 20% off My @Kinkbomb studio 4 the month of May! Use code HOT4NIKKI20 http://tinyurl.com/44pr55c

    Sarah Blake is busy-Titty Thursday :) http://sarahblakevids.com/boobfetish.html

    and Cuckolding Princess is waiting now for you losers to get her new computer! http://www.ecardgiftcard.com/tigerdirect-egiftcard.html send to cuckoldingprincess@gmail.com

    Happy Femdom and Fetish to all!